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By Jakob Zimmermann - April 21. 2024 - Photo: Bikefulness.dk

Should one even have a bike room?

It's fascinating how a single picture on Instagram can generate significant interest and inspire others. On my cycling profile on Instagram, one might expect that pictures of bikes and equipment would attract the most attention - and they certainly do to a large extent - but one of the things that has really prompted people to reach out to me to learn more about are the smart and stylish storage solutions from Rackbuddy. They have truly captured people's interest, and several have thus chosen to use Rackbuddy products to furnish their "pain caves". It's really cool to see how we can inspire each other through social media like Instagram by sharing our creative projects.

"In your life, the car comes first, then the bike, then me," instinctively he responds back, "You've got the order wrong, the bike comes first."

Before we delve into the details of my bike room, let's address the question of whether one should even have a bike room. It's a wonder that may arise from outsiders or our partners - who may rightfully not understand why a space in the shared home should be dedicated to a bike room. For those of us who consider our bikes our most precious possessions, the answer is best expressed in Velominati's Rule #11: "The bike comes first, not the family," which references an incident where Sean Kelly, during an interview after the 1984 Amstel Gold Race, noticed his wife leaning against his Citröen AX and allegedly interrupted the interview to tell her to move away from the paint. She shrugged and said, "In your life, the car comes first, then the bike, then me." Instinctively, he responded, "You've got the order wrong, the bike comes first." Perhaps he ended up sleeping on the couch that night?

Rackbuddy Marlow

 Photo: Bikefulness.dk

To respond a bit more diplomatically, I would say that if one has the opportunity, it's really worth considering storing their bikes indoors. Personally, I find it almost heartbreaking to leave them out in the garage or, even worse, outdoors at the mercy of the elements, where you can almost see them deteriorating before your eyes in real-time. And of course, there's also the fear of bike theft. Since many of us have bikes that represent significant investments, it's truly essential to be able to keep them indoors. It's not just about protecting our investment, but also about having peace of mind and security. So perhaps the question should rather be: "Why not have a bike room?"

"It was not only important that it served a practical function, but also that it reflected my personal style and aesthetic preferences."

Last, but certainly not least, the joy of having a dedicated bike room is undeniable. Here, one can organize all their equipment, from bikes and helmets to clothing, shoes, and cycling glasses. When creating the perfect space for my bikes and gear, it was not only important that it served a practical function, but also that it reflected my personal style and aesthetic preferences. I value beautiful design and order around me, so I wanted an interior that not only stored or concealed my equipment but, on the contrary, highlighted it as an integral part of my home.


 Photo: Bikefulness.dk

My personal bike room with Rackbuddy

When setting up my bike room, it was crucial for me to find a solution that didn't feel too dominant or take up too much space, especially since the room is only about 10 square meters. I still wanted to maintain a sense of airiness in the room and have some floor space available. As I began searching online and came across Rackbuddy, a Danish brand specialized in creating storage solutions with a raw yet minimalist design, I was instantly sold. They offer many beautiful designs, and the option to customize them in countless ways impressed me. If I couldn't find the perfect solution, Rackbuddy also offers the option to design a solution that fits perfectly into one's home. This provides fantastic freedom to create the exact storage solution one dreams of. If you're a wine lover or have a wine cellar, they've actually just launched a brand-new design solution specifically for wine storage, but that's another story.

I decided to purchase 4 pieces of Rackbuddy John with dark water pipes and shelves in dark-stained pine (almost black), as I felt the materials complemented each other well. Here, I store my helmets and shoes side by side, perfectly and stylishly arranged. Additionally, I bought a storage solution for my cycling clothing in the form of a pair of Rackbuddy Marlow, consisting of a shelf with a clothes rail in the same combination of dark water pipes and dark-stained pine. Previously, I stored my cycling clothes hidden away in a wardrobe, which often annoyed me as I felt they deserved to be on display and actually contribute positively to the overall look of my bike room. Additionally, it gives me the opportunity to select the day's outfit in the best way possible when I have everything gathered in one place. Everything is close at hand, and my bike room has become like a little sanctuary - a place where my passion for cycling can be indulged.

Rack buddy

 Photo: Bikefulness.dk

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